Understanding EPA Refresher Course “Online and Hands-on”

EPA Refresher Course

The EPA Renovation, Repair and Painting (RRP) rule calling all contractors who will disturb lead paint paint on pre-1978 houses take a EPA lead certification course to become a “Certified Renovator” and then register their firm. The charges are as much as $37,500 for each violation.

Anyone disturbing greater than 6 square feet of lead-based paint on the interior or perhaps 20 square feet on the exterior should get the EPA lead certification training. This includes remodelers, painters, plumbers, electricians, maintenance personnel as well as property managers.

What Does Renovation Mean?

The term renovation deals with all activities carried out for compensation that disturb painted surfaces like most repair, remodeling and maintenance activities, like window replacement, weatherization as well as demolition. The RRP rule is applicable to all renovation work carried out in residential houses, apartments and child-occupied facilities like schools and daycare centers constructed before 1978.

Certified Renovators should attend a 4-hour EPA Refresher course every 5 years at least a month before their certification expires.

Is It Time for Your EPA Refresher Course?

To comply with this regulation, contractors should have one Certified Renovator on staff as well as have their firm certified with the EPA. In order to remain a Certified Renovator, you should have someone from your firm take a 4-hour re-certification course.

Can I Take EPA Refresher Course Online?

Yes, renovators can take the online EPA refresher training course and will be certified for three years instead of 5. After 3 years, hands-on refresher course will be required.

Get EPA Refresher Course Online Now!

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 Understanding EPA Refresher Course “Online and Hands-on”

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